Stone's Throw Coaching 
                                             ~ the distance between impulse and creation ~
The distance between impulse and creation are where coaching conversations and experiments reside.
  • Wherein lies the strength in your vision?

  • What's the heart and meaning of your project?

  • How do you see bridging your creative impulse with outcome?


These are some of the questions we'll explore.

The Conversation
From my earliest years, I've been intrigued by people's stories.  I like to lean into earnest conversations and have a good laugh over the funny ones. Whether I'm engaging one-on-one, in small groups, or with a room full of people, I listen whole-heartedly and intuitively and I  want to hear more. For me, creativity coaching begins with the pause, taking time to talk through the vision for your next project. Once we locate the fire in your belly, we're off and running, playing with possibility, strategizing a plan, employing first steps. 
 So, let's talk...
  • You need help finding time and space to process, to write, to paint, to build, to dance.
  • You're ready to bring dreams to print, to paper, to find an eager audience.
  • Your book recently published. You've hung your first show. What now?
The coach who helped me stick with the creative process I love–––to write,  keep going, bring my stories to publication–––had a mantra. You've probably heard it.
                         Dream big.
                                 Start Small.
                                         Act now.
If you're here, seeking a creativity coach, you're most likely ready...
to mine those dreams, harness them into into a series of intentional
acts, and get down to the work. 




The Experiment


What I bring to the coaching relationship is practice with the Gestalt cycle of experience, a mix of grounding and expanding, helping to shine the light on process patterns, the ones that serve, and the ones that are no longer needed. Conducting creativity "experiments" for the purpose of  practicing new ways of engaging your work–––together and on the spot, as well as experiments for "homework"––– are at the crux of my coaching method. Sparks fly, epiphanies unfold, and a plan for action takes the form of next steps. 


Here's how it could go..

          You've encountered "writer's block."  We'll cut, paste, and paint.

          You're unsatisfied with a painting. I'll send you on a scavenger hunt.

          Your characters are stuck. You'll draw them a map.

          You can't find time to work. I'll take the time with you.


We'll have fun in the process and learn more about the artistry you've yet to envision.

I'm certified in the Gestalt International Study Center method of creativity coaching and the Gateless Method. As well, I earned an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts, clocked countless studio hours at River Gallery Art School, and received a certificate in Sequencing from River Gallery School. Merging process experiences with skills gained, as well as learnings from my own path from career educator to freelance writer, artist, and cultural creative, I engage you and your projects from an appreciative stance and help shore them with practical methods.

I can't wait to hear about your next project!