"Creativity takes courage."(Henri Matisse)
 Courage: from the French word coeurmeaning  heart.
In 2008, I took a chance and made the life-altering choice to transition from a 25-year career teaching young people and teachers-in-training to pursue a creative life with flexibility and independence.
I earned an MFA , studied fiction, poetry, and art, won prizes, published a book, and started a new career as a freelance writer, editor, and ICF and Gestalt (GISC) certified creativity coach, committed to co-designed and client-led collaborations.
I teach practical craft skills and offer manuscript services using an open approach. Clients decide how tough or how tender they want their feedback. For manuscript services, click here.
The best part of my job is talking with writers and artists about their passion and vision, as well as, their stuck places. We begin with what shows up first and we mine the depths from there. For coaching services, click here.
What have you been up to?
What do you want now? 
How do you envision a more creative future?
I work with clients 
virtually and  
in person,
flexible packages.
What's the best fit 
for you?

Workshops and Retreats!


I faciltate workshops and retreats in pretty places, leading experiences in 

creativity and the mind/heart/body connection, using the natural surroundings as a way in, and guiding participants in Writing from the Center 

and Adventures in Word and Image Creations. 


Find out about workshops and retreats here.

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