Jodi Paloni is a gifted facilitator—generous, humorous, and gentle. 

~ Mary Lou Bagley, one of our first Salty Girls! and author of Otherwise

Jodi is a bright light, at ease with moving you toward your highest vision of what’s possible creatively. As a life coach certified in the Gestalt method and a celebrated writer, Jodi sees your potential, urges you toward your place of greatest passion and understands the power of daydreaming and a great cup of tea. Jodi has the skill, the compassion, and the wisdom to help you make your dreams happen.
~ Suzanne Kingsbury, Connecticut, Novelist, Editor, Publishing Consultant, and Founder of The Gateless Writing Method
Jodi edited an advanced manuscript for my novel Cardinal House. I asked specifically for help with story structure and development, but I got so much more—character development, character interiority, diction, pacing, scene texture …. Her brilliant insights prompted me to give one POV character more status and complexity, which helped my story immensely.
~ Steve P., Maine, Novel Writing 
With Jodi, you're not going to get away with your usual shortcuts. Rather, her feedback will gently guide you toward the harrowing precipice of a story's potential––it is terrifying and wonderful and there is no other place I'd rather be with my writing.
~ Mary Stein, Minnesota, Writer (Fiction/Poetry/Web Content), Teacher, Editor 
Jodi has the unusual ability to say the things that must be said in a way that will be heard and applied. Her careful shaping presented me with the opportunity to look at what I’d been unwilling to let go of, but which wasn’t serving the story. In phone conversations, Jodi’s warmth and humor shine and I finished the hour each time with a greater energy to to bring to my writing and a happy list of good books to help guide me.
~ Kirsten M., Washington, Short Fiction and Essays
It might be something about her years in the classroom, or simply about her essence, but Jodi really "gets" people. Not only that, but she really "gets" what they're after. And with great gusto, she sets to furthering that--not just toward the goal at hand--but toward the intersection of that goal with their future. Jodi's understanding and support is full spectrum.
~ Kelly S., Vermont, Writer, Yoga Teacher, Women's Advocate