Fall 2020 Workshops and Salons...

What's a Gateless Writing Salon?

Salons are built around the Gateless Writing Method , a purely appreciative appraoch to generative writing,. We open with a "sudden prompt " to grease the wheels and get our voices into "the room," followed by  a brief  meditation or reading that brings in a range of work modeling possibility. Longer prompts, a choice of three, are offered.  Next, we move into a quiet time and space to write for  30-40 minutes. We close with an opportunity to share new work and receive appreciative feedback, though sharing is always voluntary. Craft is discussed via the work presented. Most importantl

"My barn having burned down, I can now see the moon."

~17th-century Japanese poet Mizuta Masahide


Writers and cultural creatives can now gather from anywhere as we're meeting online via our Gateless Writers Zoom Cocoon. Please help spread the word. Let's write together!!!
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"Writing From The Center" 
A Gateless Writing Salon Six Week Series
Our evening class is full.
Only one seat left in the morning class!
Cozy up with us as we gather to sink in and write our hearts out November (post election) into December! After a sudden prompt to get the juices flowing in the Gateless Writers Zoom Cocoon, we'll hear a variety of voices on the themes of self-care, radical kindness, and community. Then off we go to write "alone among others" for about forty minutes. After, we come back to share our work fresh from the page and receive purely positive feedback. 
We'll face hardships and open to what shimmers and glimmers in our luminous world. We'll navigate the many ways we experience the gray of a late fall season–––an early morning fog, an Irish Wolfhound, a heavy heart or sky, a blending of some polarized positions.


When: Tuesdays, 11/10 - 12/15, 9:00-11:15 AM (ET)

Price: $165 


 Tuesday evenings: 11/10 - 12/15 6:30-8:45 PM (ET)

Price: $165         

Evenings are full! Waiting list only...               

If you don't use pay on-line services, please send me an email to register. 


 Adventures in Word and Image 
     "Home and Hearth Series" 
Day-Long Workshops, Second Saturdays 2020-2021,


Our day-long workshops include two Gateless Writing Salons. We open the morning with a generative writing session prompted by visual images, and follow after lunch with an art prompt inspired by words and more writing.


Both morning and after sessions allow for the opportunity for participants to share their work and receive purely positive feedback. These are "kindly creative" events. All levels of experience are welcome. The Gateless Writing Method brings out the creative genius in us all. 


Home and Hearth: Capturing Moments

When:  11/14, 9:00 - 4:00 (EST) (An hour break at noon.)

Price: $85 (includes materials sent to your mailbox)

Home and Hearth: Settling In

When:  12/12, 9:00 - 4:00 EST (An hour break at noon.)

Price: $85 (includes materials sent to your mailbox)

Home and Hearth: Gathering Light

When:  1/9, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST (An hour break at noon.)

Price: $85 (includes materials sent to your mailbox)

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