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About Jodi Paloni

Writer, Teacher, Editor, Coach


Jodi Paloni is the founder of Maine Coast Writers Retreats and the author of an award-winning book, They Could Live with Themselves, a collection of linked stories set in rural New England.

Her stories and essays have been published widely, both on-line and in print. She holds an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts and an MS in Environmental Studies from Antioch New England Graduate School, and is a certified Gestalt Creativity Coach, a Gateless Writing Method Teacher, and a Sequencing: Making is Knowing Facilitator.


A Calling

I grew up playing in the fields and streams of Pennsylvania. In my twenties, I moved to southern Vermont, taught school, kept chickens, and raised two spirited daughters on a dirt road in a forested town. Now I live among oak and evergreens on the rocky coast of Maine. Place is the foundation of home for me, the ponds and streams, the harbors and salt rivers, the woods and the sea. Home is about the people, too, people who conjure the character of a place. 


My passion for the creative life began in early childhood when I first reveled in imagination and found a landing place in the written word. Story, then, became a calling. When writing stories, I'm entranced by how the interior lives of fictional characters play out against the backdrop of a moody landscape in rural communities like the ones where I've lived. In my work with writers, I become curious about their stories, the passions, and the edges.


We are all hard-wired to tell stories, to say to one another, this is where I’ve been, what I’ve seen, and this who I met along the way. We say, this is how I felt. By telling stories, we wonder if others have ever felt this way, too?

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Jodi is a bright light, at ease with moving you toward your highest vision of what’s possible creatively. As a life coach certified in the Gestalt method, Jodi sees your potential and urges you toward your place of greatest passion. Jodi has the skill, the compassion, and the wisdom to help you make your dreams happen. 

— Suzanne Kingsbury, Author, Editor, Founder of The Gateless Writing Method

Gateless, Gestalt, and Sequencing:
Methodologies That Inform My Work

From my earliest years, I've been intrigued by people's desire to live creative lives. I like to lean into the earnest aspects of those conversations and share light-hearted laughs about any parts that are funny.


Whether engaging one-on-one, in small groups, or with a room full of people, I like to listen whole-heartedly. I want to hear more. 


I've gathered many tools to help support the creative process and I draw from all of them in the experiences I offer.  

Learn more about the methodologies that inform my approach to supporting your creative projects. 

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