Coaching For Creatives

For writers and artists seeking support for their projects and process...


Together, we engage with both the known and the hidden, building awareness through coaching conversations. How are you? What's the general "weather pattern"? What's easy? What's hard? As we build the "ground," we look for an emergent "figure," then embark on a a series of creative experiments, followed by reflection, to deepen our understanding of what's wanted and needed. We co-create a plan for integrating change with supports in place until a balance and/or a sense of completion is achieved.

What I bring to the table is practice with the Gestalt Cycle of Experience, a mix of grounding and expanding, helping to shine the light on process patterns, ones that serve, and ones no longer needed, helping clients find their way through stuck places. In essence, embodying creative practice becomes the modality for helping clients move forward with their own processes and project plans. 

Coaching Fees 


1 one-hour session, $125

One-Month Package, $350 paid in-full ahead  

3 one-hour coaching sessions to be completed within 30 days, and 1 check-in (text message) between sessions 


Three-Month Package,  $945 paid in-full ahead (10% longevity discount)

9 one-hour coaching sessions to be completed within 3 months, and 10 check-in (text message) between sessions

Payment plans are available.