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Manuscript Services

I offer manuscript and project development services at all stages of the process, from early sparks to final fire, from polish to publish. We can mine big picture vision and/or we can tinker. 

The work we do is collaborative from start to completion. My style meets the writer where the need is greatest and ranges from purely positive feedback to tough love. Most like a balance. 

Your first session is complimentary. Ahead of time, you’ll send me a 5-sentence synopsis and a sample page or two or project image. I’ll reach back to set up a 30-minute phone chat to explore the fit and we move forward to contract from there.

As all projects require different degrees of consideration and care, please contact me for more information on pricing and packages.

Whitesands Heart.jpg
Jodi has the unusual ability to say the things that must be said in a way that will be heard and applied. Her careful shaping presented me with the opportunity to look at what I’d been unwilling to let go of, but which wasn’t serving the story. In phone conversations, Jodi’s warmth and humor shine and I finished the hour each time with a greater energy to to bring to my writing and a happy list of good books to help guide me.
~ Kirsten M., Washington, Short Fiction and Essays
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