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Resources For Writers And Creatives

A curated list of resources for learning more about craft, creativity, and publication.

Revel and Roost  is my bi-monthly newsletter.  For writers, artists, and cultural creatives, this is a resource for notes, quotes, images, and prompts. Generated every full moon and new moon, this offering is designed to to encourage creativity and offer sustenance for your creative practice.  See the latest posts here on my website, and sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page. 

Lit Hub is a wonderful resource for writers in all genres. It’s hip and erudite, up on current issues of our day, culturally and politically. It’s inspiring on so many levels. Everything’s free. The best way to glean what you’d like to consume is to click the link and take a peek at the categories they offer.


Brain Pickings is a favored site in the category of inspiration for creative people, poets and writers, artists, and spiritual seekers. One thing leads to another. This site is curated in that way. You can find experts on the creative process from some of your favorites. If you want a place to begin, I’d go here.



Poets and Writers is the infamous print journal and on-line portal, an icon of the industry, providing easily accessed information about all aspects of the writing life, from wonderful articles on the business and craft of writing and publishing, and lately, to the politics and resistance of making art and literature. 


One feature worth noting is the free writing prompts in poetry, fiction, and non-fiction via a weekly feature, “The Time is Now.” Free prompts are helpful between times of salons, workshops, and retreats.


New Pages provides literary news tied to the alternative press with guides to journals and lit mags, indie publishing, writing contests, literary events, writing programs, bookstores, and more. New Pages is your go-to access doors into the rabbit warren I love. Here, I become lost (but really, found) for hours, reading books reviews, other writers’ work, and learning new ways to practicing the skills of submitting new work. 


Of note: You can read reviews of the magazines and presses, and like with a dating services, find matches where you would like to see your work. They provide updated calls for submission and contests.


I like their page, Listening, posts about audio material and podcasts for writers, which includes a curated list you can access immediately without having to muck about finding a source.


Submittable is a handy portal writers can use to submit work to a host of journals and magazines, on-line and in-print. Many publishers use it, but not all. Submittable also includes a well-crafted database. A tab called “Discover” takes you to a list of the most immediate calls for submission, some calls within the hour of their deadline. The site is free to use. Fees come from some of the journals and contests who ask for a fees to cover their expenses for ease of use theirs and yours, the writer.



* Regarding fees for submission: I look at fees from an appreciative stance, as an exchange we make with other creatives. I give myself a set amount I can choose to spend each month on submissions. That said, take caution when someone asks you to pay to publish your work. Make sure that's what you are fully intending. t




Recommended Craft Workshops

Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance offers workshops and retreats to members and non-members alike, both in-person and on-line. They foster networking via statewide bi-monthly gatherings, called Gather, through special readings and collaborative events, and host the annual Maine Literary Awards. Members receive a regular newsletter, The Peavey, which includes curated articles on literary topics, and announces member news, publications and events. 

Their mission: “We bring together Maine writers, editors, publishers, booksellers, and literary professional at all stages of their career to sharpen craft, create community, and celebrate great writing.”


Grub Street, located in Boston (and elsewhere), is a vibrant nationally-renown literary hub focused on teaching and learning and building a community of writers. They host an annual spring conference, The Muse and the Marketplace, as well as offer a slew of programs and workshops, far too many to describe here. Their blog, Grub Writes, is a treasure trove of interesting reading and resources.



Writing by Writers ..."mission is to create a rigorous and compassionate environment to learn the art of reading and writing from accomplished authors…The workshops are taught by nationally known, published authors, who are adept at teaching the craft of writing to all levels of student. In addition, participants learn how to read other’s work critically and apply those lessons to their own writing.” (from the website)


Recommended On-Line Reading

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