Finding Calm in the Anaphora

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

This morning, a sweater-weather, second cup-of-coffee kind of September morning in Maine, I’m thinking about the night sky. I know just enough about astrology to feel excited by the appearance of Venus on the southeast horizon at dusk during this Virgo season. Venus, goddess of love and kindness, beauty and nurturing, fertility and prosperity. And don’t we all need more than a little more of those qualities in our lives right now?

The visibility of a number of planets right now, and all those blinking stars against black sky, has to do partly because we have a new moon out there. New moon energy, for me, is about pause time and fresh starts, but more, it's about the moment before the grand gestures, and more energetic activation. The new moon comes just as many of us are thinking about the post Labor Day “back-to-school” vibe. For some, I know you grieve the end of heat and high jinks of summer, and I’m sorry. For you, the days may feel numbered. I am one of those fall-loving people. I love the cold fronts, the frosty morning wake-up calls. I love settling down again, to forge new structure and routines, and catch more of a regular stride. Meanwhile, the new moon energy pulls me inward.

Yesterday, I spent an hour push-brooming pine needles from the second floor of a cabin we’re building on the lake through the woods where we live. I fell into the peaceful rhythm of a task that was totally unnecessary. We don't have a roof or walls yet. The leaves will return tomorrow and the next day. I had the privilege of not having to show up for work, of not needing to rush home to a pressing chore. I decided to embrace this good fortune. As I did, I was able to breathe a little more intentionally, think a little more kindly on a frenzied world, one that suffers and despair, a world that is also rich with calm a